Patient Information

First Visit

Your first evaluation as a new patient is intended to provide a complete description of your present oral health. Your examination will include an evaluation of past, existing, and potential problems. A thorough medical history form is used to assist in identifying conditions that may affect dental treatment.

A complete dental health history will be obtained including a comprehensive examination of your oral tissues/teeth for dental decay and gum/bone disease. Digital x-rays will be used to help identify any hidden problems. Diagnostic casts (models/impressions) of your teeth may be necessary to analyze your bite to determine if a crooked or uneven bite is present or developing. Digital Photographs will be made to use in diagnosis and treatment.

After gathering this information you will be provided with written treatment options, including anticipated fees, for problems that are identified.


In addition to instructing you on prevention, regular preventive care is the key to maintaining good oral health.  After every cleaning you will have the option of making an appointment for your next cleaning or having a reminder card sent to you when it's time for your next cleaning and examination.